Ontario Linux Fest 2009 report

Ontario Linux Fest 2009 was this past saturday in Toronto. The event was a great success, many peoples were present. The Fedora booth was a really busy place with many participants asking informations about the project, the next version and playing with the 3 OLPC laptops that Karlie gave us. By the way, seeing Karlie talk about the OLPC project is a sure way to interest peoples, the enthusiasm she deliver is contagious. I am glad to have meet her in person.

All in all, it was a fun weekend. It was a good chance to meet peoples involved in the free software community and have some great talks with them.

Oh, and if you see Mel Chua, ask her about putting a temporary Fedora tattoo on her forehead😉

Fedora events : Quebec City JIT 2009

The JIT 2009 is over. The event was taking place yesterday on the Laval University campus. I think the event was a great success for everyone.

I would like to take some time to thank everyone that worked very hard to make an event of this size possible.

I leave with some photos of the event, more to come in the next few days. See you next year for JIT 2010!

Ontario Linux Fest in 5 days!

Ontario Linux Fest will start in 5 days. I invite everyone from the Toronto area to join Mel Chua, Greg DeKoenigsberg and me at the Fedora booth. If you plan to attend, please leave a comment here and don’t forget to register at http://onlinux.ca website!

Ontario Linux Fest is one of the biggest Linux event in the area. This year, like every past years, the conference track is filled with knowledgeable peoples ready to share what they know with you. Also, there is a welcome party Friday evening and reception just after the event on Saturday.

Keep checking here for photos and report of the event!

Fedora Netbook Remix

Dear Planet,

I searched for a Netbook Remix (like Ubuntu Netbook Remix) yesterday to put on my Dell Mini and I didn’t found anything. I found some good customization to do on a default Fedora install but nothing like UNR.

I’m really interested with having this in Fedora and if such a project already exist, I will put my time there. If not, I will start the project and package the necessary bits to make it work.

So, anybody know of such an effort to do this?

Thank you Planet!

Fedora classroom this weekend

A little reminder to all of you! This weekend (March 7-8), Fedora will held it’s fourth Fedora Classroom on IRC, in #fedora-classroom channel on irc.freenode.net.

You can see the list of classes and get more informations at the classroom wiki page. You can help this weekend by giving a class on a subject that you are familliar with or you can just attend and learn from many topics.

Also, help promote this great event around you to spread the knowledge!

Fedora and KVM

Short post to say that the support for KVM in Fedora 10 rocks! We have been in the process of removing our current VMWare Server infracstructure in favor of an free alternative for some time now.

We run Linux on 99% of our infrastructure, so three years ago, we tested vserver first. The results was not that bad but it wasn’t good enough to put our production servers on it. After that, the Xen trend give us hope. But, it has short lived after seeing all the hacks that one must do to barely run a stable OS on it. So, back to square one…

Recently, KVM is the new “cool thing” in virtualization space. It’s been out for some time but we just recently give it a go. We made our tests with Fedora 10 beta and it’s been such a pleasure to work with. Virt-manager is simple, fast and stable, Fedora ship with recent version of all the tools, the guest OS support is really good! We now have three production servers and a couple of tests machines running a stripped Fedora 10 install with the KVM tools. There is approximately 25 virtual machines running on them that replace all our old servers. The good thing is that if we need more power, we just buy a new server, put the Fedora 10 DVD in, start the installation with kickstart, reboot and everything is ready. Unboxing to production : 30 minutes!

Sure, KVM and the management tools miss some features to really be on par with VMWare Server. But, I think that in the near future we will see the gap close with the maturation of projects such as oVirt and virt-manager.