Fedora Netbook Remix

Dear Planet,

I searched for a Netbook Remix (like Ubuntu Netbook Remix) yesterday to put on my Dell Mini and I didn’t found anything. I found some good customization to do on a default Fedora install but nothing like UNR.

I’m really interested with having this in Fedora and if such a project already exist, I will put my time there. If not, I will start the project and package the necessary bits to make it work.

So, anybody know of such an effort to do this?

Thank you Planet!


17 thoughts on “Fedora Netbook Remix

  1. There was a project called “Fedora Mini” for a Gnome based Netbook Spin, but unfortunately nothing was released yet because the important bits like window-picker-applet and the netbook-launcher are still under review. Now that the Netbook lawsuit is settled, I hope to get the missing packages reviewed soon.

    Sebastian Dziallas and me also want to make an alternative Netbook Spin based on Xfce 4.6 and with the gnome-global-menu plugin for Xfce. But this will not happen before F-12.

    If you want something more quickly, I suggest to try the “Fedora 11 LXDE Remix”, which will include all the latest LXDE components and LXlauncher. It’s not as funky as the Gnome and the UME launcher, but much more resource friendly. I’m going to release it at Linuxtag in Berlin in a little about than 2 weeks.

    Please contact me, if you need more info or want to help us – TIA!

  2. Well I’m still hoping to move more on the Fedora Mini. I’ve been somewhat too busy to do enough to get it running. I’m hoping to have moblin in for F12 and want to also look at hildon and hope that various people will come in under the Fedora Mini umbrella as there will no doubt be lots of cross pollination for the various possible small notebook stuff. OLPC will also be able to fit in here, I’ve done alot of work in reducing deps so a working Fedora can fit on a 2 or 4 gig netbook and still be usable. Feel free to contact me offline if you want to assist 🙂 oh and I’ll be at Fudcon Berlin


  3. Thank you all for the feedback, really interesting stuff.

    I will look more deeply into Fedora Mini, it looks exactly like what I want to do. I will read the SIG page and check where I can propose my help.

  4. I’m hoping by FunCon to have at least a general ToDo up for Moblin on F12. Alot of the core bits are starting to land upstream, and hence in F12 as the devel releases are made that incorporate them. I think a test moblin spin should be achievable for F12 with luck 🙂

  5. I don’t think we need a netbook remix. The first generation of netbooks could use them because they had slower CPUs, less RAM, less storage, etc… but the current generation are fairly fast machines with more RAM and storage. I don’t think Fedora should target a platform that is disappearing.

    See my review on Fedora 10 (updated to include 11 info in the comments) on the Acer Aspire One D150:


  6. Scott: the Atom CPU is still pretty slow. My Vaio P has 2GB of RAM but the CPU (and the 4200RPM hard disk…) make it pretty sluggish. UNR is also significantly about the *interface* rather than tweaking for performance.

  7. Sindre, since Gnome is the ‘default’ desktop in Fedora I think that the Gnome-based Fedora Mini Spin also will become the ‘official’ netbook spin. The wiki page of it’s SIG has been mentioned twice here. Not sure if it makes sense to found another SIG, but of course I invite everybody who wants to work on something based on Xfce or LXDE to contact me.

  8. I currently run openSUSE on my Dell-Mini 12″. I also think Mandriva works.

    I’ve searched high & low for a fedora netbook iso/img and found a couple possible sources but I’m not sure about the validity/integrity/security of the random versions people make available.

    Tried installing fedora but no video. Just looked @ the last post that changes ubuntu into fedora…didn’t want it that bad.

    • Don,
      I’m in the market for a Mini 12. What graphics driver is openSuSE using to get X running? I want to see if I can get Fedora running on one before I buy one. Not being able to run Fedora is a deal breaker for me 🙂

      (From my G1)

      • re: deal breaker

        not sure of the video driver, currently trying to install FC11 (with X) on the mini12 and the install appeared to go fine but on 1st boot, x didn’t want to start. This is a royal pain in my ass & I can see why people hate linux for the ‘driver’ reasons…..I’ve got it in the shell & i’ll re-post if i can find a solution

        I think there may be a fedora spin for the Asus eee,
        You may want to go with that

        #I don’t understand why these distros can’t just share the damn drivers

  9. You will be able to use Moblin 2 in Fedora 12. It won’t have all the components but will be usable. Its approved by Fesco as a feature and I’m running it currently. Keep an eye out on fedora-devel for more details in the coming days 😉

  10. Been running EEEbuntu, NBR 3.0, but my background and interest (and desktop) are in running Fedora. So I loaded Fedora 12 and it was mostly turnkey on my Asus EEE PC1000 SSD. See my post on FedorForums.org. I installed LXDE and am most pleased with the results. I do sort of me the NBR desktop as everything was right there on the desktop without fiddling with menus.

  11. I got a new HP Mini 311 netbook and didn’t even give windows Vista a chance to boot for the first time. I turned it on and booted with a USB key and installed Fedora 11. It runs just fine, uses all the features of the netbook well. I’m very happy with it.

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